David Ryden...a painter who wields oil with a palette knife 


You will find yourself smiling as soon as you see his impressionist paintings. He is an abstract expressionist who is mainly interested in surface and prefers to work on large canvases painting fast, generous strokes. His paintings are simple, direct, colorful, sometimes playful and always inspiring. The details are more artistic than realistic.

David explains, “I’m self taught. I like the freedom to try anything. My paintings are 

infused with texture and depth. I use an 8 inch palette knife and just go at it. I don’t paint every day. Sometimes, I’ll go weeks without painting and then it’ll just make sense to paint again.”

The majority of his art sales have been with art galleries in seven states. His studio is on Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA. In 2018, David sold his 1,000th painting. All are original, he does not sell prints.

His daughter, Kristin Ryden Small, represents him in the western states for gallery selection, sales/service, and commission art. Kristin lives in Denver area.


“As yet, no plans to put the palette knife down, I’m having too much fun!” 

David Ryden Artist.  All rights reserved