David Ryden...a painter who wields oil with a palette knife 


You will find yourself smiling as soon as you see David's impressionist paintings. He is an abstract expressionist who is mainly interested in surface and prefers to work on large canvases painting fast with generous strokes. David's paintings are simple, direct, colorful, sometimes playful, and always inspiring.

David explains, “I’m self-taught. I like the freedom to try anything. My paintings are infused with texture and depth. I use an 8 inch palette knife and just go at it.”

In 2018, David sold his 1,000th painting. All paintings are original, he does not sell prints.

David Ryden paints in Savannah, Georgia. His daughter, Kristin, who lives in the Denver area, is David's Art Broker. 


Throughout 2020 and 2021, many of David's paintings were sold at CODA Studio which was located in the exclusive shopping district of Cherry Creek North in Denver, Colorado. CODA lost their lease and will be moving to a new location in 2022. We treasure our two years with CODA and hope for a speedy return.

If you're in Colorado and would like to view David Ryden's art, Kristin has an inventory of paintings. If you're in Savannah, David also has an inventory of paintings. We're happy to assist you with commission artwork.


Please contact us on the last page of this website and you can expect a quick reply.